Monday, July 18, 2005

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

I have a job interview tomorrow morning! It's for a not so exciting Admin Assistant position but is at a local real estate development company that is known for its adaptive reuse of historic structures.
I suppose you could say that Historic Preservation is my 'cause of choice'. I volunteer at the local preservation society and almost went to grad school for it. I'd like to eventually take what I learn in media and marketing and work as a consultant to preservation non-profits, as some of them really need help with getting their message out (I consider the Preservation Society of Newport County a success at this).
The only thing is that the job description on Monster says that the applicant must have recent secretarial training. I don't really have any. At my last job I answered the phone at the front desk when the receptionist went to lunch (some really funny stories forthcoming about that aspect) and occasionally my boss would ask me how to spell something. That's about as close to secretarial experience that I have. And I can't type very well (spellcheck is my friend).

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-Ann said...

Whooooo! Good luck! Don't worry too much about lack of experience. I think experience is highly overrated, unless you're talking about a highly skilled profession, like being an auto mechanic or a doctor. A basic aptitude and the ability to learn are nearly as good as experience (and sometimes even better because you're not set in your ways and are more open to training).

But, most important, is personality. I saw it a lot when I had real jobs back-in-the-day. :) Someone could be brilliant, have a Masters Degree and years of experience but be such a jerk that hiring them wasn't worth it.

I'm sure you'll do fine and it's great to have interview practice.