Thursday, July 28, 2005

Old Times

I just got back from a meeting at my former place of employment. Brief explanation- I was the co-coordinator of volunteers for a large yearly expo that we put on and since I have nothing else to do right now I figured that I could still help them out. The organizer of the expo is one of my favorite people at the station, as was my co-coordinator. I get another chance to stroll down memory lane in a week or so when I have another meeting there.
It was weird going back. You have to sign in (security is tighter at TV stations since the big anthrax scares a few years ago) and I had to wait until someone came and got me. Odd. It was good to see everyone. Many people asked if my presence meant that I was returning to work there. Sadly, I am not. It is nice to be missed though. And its only been a month. It was kind of annoying having to repeat over and over the answer to the question "what have you been up to?" (The stock answer I decided on for today (besides the obvious "looking for a new job") was "doing some stuff around the house, relaxing a bit, getting mundane things, like doctors appointment, taken care of".
It was odd seeing my old desk, all dark and lonely. I found an Abslout ad still tacked to my cube wall that I'd accidentally left behind and took it back home with me (I have collected them since I was 12).
People kept telling me that I look like I've lost weight. I had to agree with them because I've dropped a clothing size since I stopped working at the station because there is no junk food sitting around my house every day like there is in an office environment where people will use any excuse to bring/order/buy food. I once worked a summer job at the admissions office of my college. On the first day all of us new summer hires were welcomed with a spread of bagels, pastries, and other goodies. We were told that Admissions was celebrating our arrival. It was a nice gesture but we all knew that our first morning as tour guides was merely an excuse for a food orgy of some sort. At the station people were always bringing in donuts, especially Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts (since this is New England, where if you swing a dead cat you hit either a Dunkin Donuts or a CVS).
I definitely don't miss the rush hour traffic, which I got caught in the beginning of.


-Ann said...

You are a much better person than I. Thinking of my most traumatic breakup, I mean layoff (the one at the job I loved the most and was stunned to lose the most), I know I could not have marched back in there at any time.

Bill T said...

Amen to that. I'm still getting over every time I've been fired from, or not picked up again at, a job. While I know there have been many shifts, remodeling, and changes at various previous workplaces and internships since I've been there... it would still be a little creepy to return to them, knowing how I left them.