Monday, July 18, 2005

Biding my time

I'm trying very hard to spend my time efficiently during the day. This means filing for unemployment, getting around to making at appointment at Lee Hecht Harrison (part of the severance agreement is career guidance or something), and working on a few small writing projects. I've been pretty successful and not spent too much time goofing off and watching TiVo'd episodes of the Gilmore Girls and West Wing.

I spent last Friday running around doing various errands, including bringing my roommate to an eye doctor appointment because he was not able to drive after the 2 hour test that his doctor had scheduled. We were the youngest people in that office by 40 years., as they are mainly specialists that deal with eye diseases at this practice (he was sent there by the regular optometrist). It is apparently rare for people younger than 40 to have serious eye diseases. So while he was being examined and tested I was forced to sit in the waiting room and listen to conversations about the following (and I'm not making these up)-
  • how what "these kids" do today is not dancing, they couldn't do the Lindy Hop or the Charleston if they their lives depended on it
  • the etiquette (for lack of a better term) on getting from the wheelchair to the toilet
  • how one senior gentleman was there to see the "Polish lady doctor", he also had a Polish ear doctor for his hearing who was excited to hear about the man's Polish eye doctor and wanted to meet her since they were both Polish
  • various detailed discussions about diabetes


-Ann said...

Ha! I love listening in on other people's conversations. I am unabashedly nosy about stuff like that. (It's a job requirement for a writer.)

Bill T said...

Is your roommate cute? 8^D