Friday, July 08, 2005

By The Dawn's Early Light

It is 3 am.

I cannot sleep and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm in my childhood bedroom at my mom's house with many of my old stuffed animals staring at me. During week 1 I've learned that the first thing that happens during unemplyment is that I'm now caught up on all of my sleep. It's easier to get a full 8- 10 hours of sleep a night when you have nowhere to be at 9 am. (At least there's a good rerun of Conan with guest David Duchovny. I have no problem admitting that I'm an X Phile. I've seen every episode. Every. Single. One.).


Tyler said...

Always fun to stay at a parent's place. The city of your origin manifests upon one's return as a palimpsest. The urban text is gradually rewritten as old structures are replaced and subsumed by new ones. This is the text that I am reading now.

-Ann said...

Every single X-File episode? That's impressive. When my husband decided to stop watching it, I had to stop watching it because I'm a big baby and would be too frightened to watch it by myself.

I am SUCH a baby that you know in the opening credits, where that ghost-y looking guy motors down the narrow hallway - I couldn't watch that bit, especially when I was living at my grandmother's house because the hallway I had to use to get to the bathroom looked JUST like that hallway .

Safran said...

You seriously need to come freelance for me.

Lyss said...

I'd like that.