Monday, February 19, 2007

Masshole experience #999

There are Massholes who try to race you at stop lights. Or cut you off for no apparent reason. Or turn from the wrong lane. But sometimes their odd behavior just mystifies me.

One day last week I was driving down VFW Parkway and turned on my signal to let the car in the right lane know that I planned to change lanes when they began honking furiously at me! For putting my turn signal on!

Note- I had not even started to change lane, yet the Masshole continued to honk! I'm sorry, did I somehow offend you by being a safe driver and obeying the rules of the (slushy and messy) road? Would you rather I had simply cut you off and scared the shit out of you on that dark and slippery road?

And to make it worse, it's not like the driver sped up to claim their road space... WTF?!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Parking envy

Is this really so wrong? I can understand this being an issue in historic districts. However, if you own a house and want to park a car or two in what is, essentially, your yard (insert redneck joke here), you should be able to. Doesn't parking increase the resale value of a house?

"You can go anywhere in Mattapan, Dorchester, and Brighton. There are tons of places where people have paved their entire yard. People do this all the time," said Bird, who speculates that the lack of on-street parking, especially in neighborhoods dominated by triple-deckers, compels extreme measures.

"You won't see this in Back Bay or Kenmore Square. These aren't the showcase areas; these are just places where people live," said Bird."

Why exactly is this not allowed anyway? The article wasn't very clear about that.