Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Parking envy

Is this really so wrong? I can understand this being an issue in historic districts. However, if you own a house and want to park a car or two in what is, essentially, your yard (insert redneck joke here), you should be able to. Doesn't parking increase the resale value of a house?

"You can go anywhere in Mattapan, Dorchester, and Brighton. There are tons of places where people have paved their entire yard. People do this all the time," said Bird, who speculates that the lack of on-street parking, especially in neighborhoods dominated by triple-deckers, compels extreme measures.

"You won't see this in Back Bay or Kenmore Square. These aren't the showcase areas; these are just places where people live," said Bird."

Why exactly is this not allowed anyway? The article wasn't very clear about that.


JCS said...

Most of those paved yards don't have curb cuts to access said illegal driveway. Furthermore, by making their own parking spot, they take away on street parking because God forbid anyone should park in front of their illegal driveway. Nothing makes me laugh harder than someone with an illegal parking spot in their yard putting up a "No Parking" sign.

Second, when it rains, all of that water collecting on the new pavement has to go somewhere. Chances are it is going to go into your foundation, or through your backyard. My neighbor paved over every single square inch of their lot. Guess where the water goes? Right through my planters and terraces which have now been completely washed out. And what if the car leaks oil or they decide to change the brake fluid in their front yard? You think that little environmental disaster is going to stay on their little parking pad? Right.

Anonymous said...

The zoning is there for a reason. Paving over yards is a rainwater disaster - it sends water down stormdrains and into the treatment facilities (and into your basement), rather than back into the water table where it belongs.

Adding blacktop also traps heat in the city during the summer, leaving whole neighborhoods degrees hotter than they would otherwise be with grasses and trees.

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