Thursday, November 20, 2008

Link Hostage

Blogrolling is holding my blogroll hostage as I can't seem to access it to change it. Frustration.


I'm not sleeping. I'm not sure if that's due to stress over not finding a job or simply because being unemployed leaves you with time to catch up on sleep. I'm all caught up.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unemployment, Take II

It's different this time around. I've got more experience and more bullets to put on my resume.

So, in addition to sending said resume to pretty much every friend and family member I have, I've been thinking about doing some freelance writing and editing. However, I'm having a tough time deciding what to put on business cards. I want to make sure that the brand I create for myself is a good representation of my talents and of what I have to offer a potential employer. How do I want to position myself? As a writer? A marketing professional? I don't want to narrow my chances because someone only sees me as a Copywriter or a Media Planner.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

UFOs over Rockland

Why would my local paper want to waste whatever local talent they have left on special reports like this one?

That's what you marched for

... is what I said to my mom and her friend as they hugged when Barack Obama was announced as this country's newly elected president.

It was an emotional night for many of the people around me, as seen in the video above.

Not long after the historic announcement, we were asked to join hands and Reverend X (I don't remember his name) was going to say a prayer. I happened to be standing next to a big deal county politico, and as we joined hands I said to him "I'm Jewish and may need some guidance in this." He looked at me and said "that makes two of us." So we kind of stood there awkwardly, yet respectfully, as the minister thanked the Holy Father for Obama's victory. Then there was a champagne toast.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Life back here in NY is kind of surreal. So many things about my hometown are the same (thee's stil a McDonald's and a CVS and the movie theater), but so many things are new and seem out of place to my psyche. I still can't get used to the (newish) Walmart. And all those housing developments that've sprung up from grass and trees and vacant lots.

I can't help but dwell a little about the difference between life here and life in New England. I can't lie - the bagels, Chinese food, and pizza are better here. I kind of miss the walkability that you find around Boston and I dislike having to drive everywhere here in Rockland. Sure, I could try to walk to the CVS here in town, but I'd probably get run down trying to cross Route 59. I miss the racial/ethnic diversity of JP. Here in my hometown it's pretty homogenus.