Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Life back here in NY is kind of surreal. So many things about my hometown are the same (thee's stil a McDonald's and a CVS and the movie theater), but so many things are new and seem out of place to my psyche. I still can't get used to the (newish) Walmart. And all those housing developments that've sprung up from grass and trees and vacant lots.

I can't help but dwell a little about the difference between life here and life in New England. I can't lie - the bagels, Chinese food, and pizza are better here. I kind of miss the walkability that you find around Boston and I dislike having to drive everywhere here in Rockland. Sure, I could try to walk to the CVS here in town, but I'd probably get run down trying to cross Route 59. I miss the racial/ethnic diversity of JP. Here in my hometown it's pretty homogenus.

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