Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The interview went well. As usual I am overqualified for a secretarial position. I really like the company, but am hesitant. Not to kvetch, but I don't want to have to pick up anyone's dry cleaning or get lunch for everyone but me. That sucks. I don't want to waste my talents on that.

Some people have pointed out that a job is a job. This is true. And that we all have to do some unpleasant things in life (like working retail on Xmas Eve, but that'sanother story for another time). Work is where we spend a majority of our waking hours and I don't want to spend that time doing things that do not seem as though they will help me climb the ladder of success. I'm trying to think long-term here.

The problem is that I like this company. I believe in what they do and have long wanted to be a part of something like that. But how much growth is there really in a firm of nine people (including assistants)? Growing form receptionist to office manager is not my idea of real growth potential. Growth from receptionist to office manager to executive is more of what I have in mind.

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