Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I'm on hold. I have been for 19 minutes and 33 seconds. And every time the Muzak stops I get excited and think a person will finally answer, but nope, its just the Muzak changing over to an unpleasant voice reminding me that I can file for unemployment benefits online.

I had to call the darn Department of Labor and Training because my unemployment check came today (a good thing). Unfortunately it's not the amount that they promised me in the official paperwork (a bad thing).
I had to call them yesterday and ended up being transferred to a DLT rep (Tele-Serve wasn't working right or was missing some of my info or something). I of course waited forever yesterday as well. And then was finally connected to someone to whom English was not a first or possibly second language. These people are making the airlines look good.

Gotta run...Someone actually picked up!

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