Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Yay! I have a phone interview on Thursday with a community agency in the Boston area!

OK, small problem with this- I was just checking email and there is one from my future interviewer saying that:

Thank you for applying for the position of ______ at the ___ ___ ___ ____. While your experience and education are impressive, we believe you are not the appropriate candidate for this position.

We will keep you resume on file should other positions become available.

Thank you again for your application.


xxxx xxxx
Deputy Director

I'm a bit confused. How shall I proceed? I've been playing phone tag with his assistant since Friday, July 22, which is also the date on the email above. Odd. I guess I'll go ahead with the phone interview and not mention the email.
Not sure how I feel about working for a place that doesn't seem to have its act together.


-Ann said...

Just brazen it out. And I wouldn't worry too much about them not having their acts together. They're probably just short-staffed right now, hence the need to fill the job opening.

Bill T said...

How much do you want to bet they sent the wrong form letter to you?

Even worse -- what if they sent the ACCEPTANCE letter to a person they DIDN'T want to hire?

"Dear XXXX,

"We wish to offer our utmost apologies, but due to a clerical and electronic error, we sent you a note saying we'd love to hire you...

"In truth, you're not the candidate we're looking for... Please buzz off..."