Friday, July 15, 2005

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

I've always admired those who, like Ann, decide to strike it out on their own and build a business from scratch. (Apparently now is a good time to do this.)
The mother of one of my best friends has taken her long time business to a new level with the website for her company- Hippo Creek Safaris. For as long as I can remember, she has been in the travel business and one day decided to strike out on her own, specializing in luxurious African safaris. What a great way to combine one's worklife and passion in life.

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-Ann said...

Awww shucks. Except that now, given the change in my environment, I wil, in all likelihood have to go back to the captive job market. (And my poor fullcount site is down because the computer it's on is in a cargo container headed for the, people here don't know what a Full Count is anyway. :))

They released some sort of extensive study of happiness in Europe and, unsuprisingly, they found that the happiest people were students, retired people and the self-employed. Something to do with setting your own hours and being able to work in pajamas. (At least that's what made me happy.)