Sunday, July 03, 2005


Aside from my fears of not finding a new job by the time my money and/or health insurance runs out I've now got a new thing to worry about:

The blank page.

Will what I write about be interesting to my readers? Will I have any readers that are not people I've actively told about this blog? Will I remember all the thoughts and feelings I had during my time away from the computer so that I can chronicle them here?

I've always been a good writer of term papers and other forms of academic writing. I've never really been great at the art of the personal essay. I hope that by challenging myself with this blog that you are reading right now I will emerge from the Land of the Unemployed with a new job and a new skill.


-Ann said...

Keep a small notebook with you to write down ideas when you're away from your computer. Works for me.

Lyss said...

I've been toying with that. I try to record voice memos on my Palm Pilot sometimes. Gotta make a habit of it.

Esther said...

You have built it. They will come.