Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Not again

More gun shots tonight. Then sirens. I cannot live on this street much longer. Things are not getting better. I believe that it was safe for seven years. I wonder what has caused the change?
This is a Tuesday night, not a weekend night, like last time.

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g. kryptonite said...

Don't tell me you live in Dorechester or Roxbury. If you are, get the hell outta there. Boston is ranked as one of the safest cities in U.S., you just have to avoid those two neighborhoods.

Lyss said...

I don't.

g. kryptonite said...

Well, I'm stumped. It doesn't sound like the Boston I used to know (it's only been 8 months since I left). Well, I wish you best of luck... Perhaps you can pick up a copy Matrix and learn how dodge bullets... "there is no spoon"

-Ann said...

There are few things worse than not feeling safe in your own home. I hope you're able to find a safer place that meets all of your criteria.