Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Open season

It's intern season. This morning when I got to work a little before 5 A.M. the news room was seemed like it was teeming with them. I'm used to intern season being in the summer, but I guess there are more eager beavers in Boston colleges than back in Providence.
Anyway, one of the anchorpeople thought that s/he'd show off for the interns and began bossing people around and making elaborate 'suggestions'- made me think of the movie Anchorman. Also made me thankful that my job does not require me to deal with the anchors all that often (though there is a weekend weather guy I'm not crazy about...but that's for another time...).

I often wonder if other industries, besides broadcasting, experience a glut of eager young interns at a certain time of the year.....

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