Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Things about Boston

Through the eyes of a semi-newbie* (at least I am as of January 25th, 2006).

Some things I find fascinating about Boston and the surrounding towns:

  • Shortened street names-which is rather practical as far as I'm concerned....once you get used to it.
  • I've long wondered- why there is no 'A' train on the Green Line? It seems to have existed at one point. (Maybe I'm just biased towards trains versus buses).
  • The Green Line moves at a glacial pace. I'm becoming a bigger fan of the Orange Line, despite the loud high school kids that seem to always be on it with me.
  • 'Express' means something very different in Boston transit terms than anywhere else I've ever been. I gave myself about an hour to get from JP to that part of Comm Ave., that should've been plenty. The 'express' train from Kenmore to Babcock St. took forever. I almost had to call and change my appointment, as the 'express' train was making me late.
  • I saw a school bus run a red light. A school bus.
  • It seems that almost all salons in the city are on Newbury St. Why?
  • General chaos of parking regulations around here
  • I saw a sign in Cambridge for 12 minute parking. That's so random.
  • That residents of Cambridge are called Cantabrigians
  • The layers of communication that exist online (outside of the mainstream media)
  • That people in the metro area have not yet rebelled or staged a coup in response to the construction, Big Dig, or the flaws associated with it. (I thought I had it bad when I lived in N.Y. and N.J. Boy was I wrong).
  • A prostitute is called a Common Night Walker

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*It's not like I'd never been to Boston before moving here. I've long visited friends and gone to baseball games while living in nearby Providence for the past few years.


ifyouwillit said...

I was in Boston in May 2004 and loved every second I was there.

megw2 said...

Welcome to Boston!
I'm am getting ready to move away form here actually. Hope you enjoy your stay.