Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boston PD takes offense... the writer of an op-ed piece saying that they had precincts. It's like they (or their publicist) were more offended by the use of that term than by the insinuation about minorities in the department.

We have heard from a number of people about several of the concerns that were raised in the opinion piece. Therefore, in our commitment to provide the community with accurate and updated information on department-related issues, we felt it was necessary to provide these clarifications.

Here are quotes directly from the opinion editorial followed by the correct information.

Quote: There is not one African- American commanding any of Boston'’s 13 precincts.
Clarification: It is assumed that by 'precincts' the author is referring to our police districts. 'Precincts'” is a term used by New York City, however it is not commonly used in Boston.

(as seen on BPDNews)

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adamg said...

Yeah, that was nitpicky alright. But they also pointed out more substantive problems with that piece, such as the author's allegation that there were NO black district commanders and that homicide detecitves don't work at night.