Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Locksmith wanted

Umm... Someone just tried to get into our apartment. I heard keys in the door and thought it was odd since Roommate had gone to sleep already. I thought it was a fluke. Then the door began to rattle with a bit more force. I was freaked out, yet curious. So I looked through the peephole and saw two or three men (peepholes only afford so much peripheral vision). I'm really worried at this point because the men are not letting up their efforts. I make the decision to wake Roommate. By the time he makes it out of bed and we open the door the men are gone. We opened the door and called out, but no answer.

Was another neighbor like drunk and forgot where he lived or something equally bizarre?

Not cool.


-Ann said...

Sadly this sounds like more proof that you should be seriously investigating new accommodations.

Keith said...

I think it's better to take care about your security and ask locksmith to put a good lock in your apartment. There are many common problems with the simple door lock. Take for instance the simplicity of design. Because of the affordability of the locks, many locksmith state that they cannot make them as secure and complex as they would like them to be. Another common issue with door locks is the fact they offer very little security against more simple attempts to unlock them.

Bolger Altizer said...

Keyrings are very helpful. At Anderson Locksmith LLC, we always recommend our clients to get one so they don't lose their keys and get locked out.