Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why do the TV programming deities hate me?

I like the Patriots. I do. It's nice living where a football actually wins (my family consists of long-suffering N.Y. Jets fans). I do resent the success of New England's beloved Pats when it interferes with my life (or lack thereof). I have to stay at work tonight, on a Saturday, until the Patriots- Broncos game ends to post highlights. I normally work weekend nights until around 10:30 or 11 p.m. This sucks but it also could be worse...I could, like tonight, have to be here until later than that. I barely get to have a social life as is. Now that success of the Pats is ruining the little bit of a social life that I manage to have. Why couldn't this have been an afternoon game? Why do the TV programming deities hate me?

I am so frustrated. I want a life. I want to have a fair chance to actually make friends in my new city. I am turning into one of those people that I feared- the person who doesn't have any friends because their oddball schedule keeps them from meeting anyone that they don't work with (and things aren't so great with that either, but that's another ranty post for another time).
And I had such fun plans for tonight- to go out dancing to blow off steam.

Update: Broncos buck Pats 27-13

It's a little after midnight and I am still here. I have to wait until the post-game show is done and then wait 20 minutes for the highlight tape to be edited for me. Let me tell you, the Sports guys are just thrilled about having to do that on top of dealing with producing a show with one reporter halfway across the county.... They told me (in a pissy voice full of attitude no less) that News is supposed to do that.... Hey, I'm just the messenger, please don't shoot me.

I appreciate Sports doing this for me (note- a higher up asked Sports to do it, not me). I actually don't know who is supposed to make the web-safe sports highlight tape for us normally because:
  1. it would be far beyond this place to have some sort of order to it
  2. I'm not usually here when the 'special' package is given to us webbies
  3. Someone would have to tell me that the editor who does the sports wrap-up tape every morning actually worked in one department vs. another. I have no idea what the departmental breakdowns are (unless you work in sales, then I can figure it out by the way you dress and the fact that you work in another part of the building).

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