Monday, January 09, 2006

Concept cars cool in more ways than one

Some of the cars being shown at the Detroit Auto Show have options and perks that boggle the mind.
  • The Lincoln MKX has heated and cooled front your butt is always the right temperature.
  • The new Buick has individual DVD players for each occupant. Somehow this seems like a bit much. I spent many valuable hours honing my creativity skills while daydreaming on long car rides. (I also taught myself how to read using the exit signs along the L.I.E. when shuttling between the divorced parents almost every weekend).
  • A new CUV from Ford... they felt it important to stress in the press release that this is not an off-road vehicle. It's also got a 20 oz. cup holder for your Big Gulp.

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-Ann said...

I miss many things about our VW Passat station wagen, chiefly the wagen bit and the heated seats. There is nothing like heated seats on a cold morning. I don't think I would use cooled seats. In fact, sometimes Peter kept the AC on high enough that I would put my seat heat on low to balance it out.