Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New year, new me?

Happy 5766!

Rosh ha Shana is the Jewish New Year. We run on a lunar calendar so it tends to occur in late summer/early fall. Ten days later comes Yom Kippur- the Day of Atonment- where we ask forgiveness for our sins and other mishaps during the past year. The ten days in between the two holidays are for meditating on ourselves, our sins, our strengths and weaknesses.

As I sat in synagogue today I began to think about the all the changes in my life in the past year and pondered what the new year has is store for me. I keep coming back to a few themes:

New job- a future I think is more interesting than the one I might've been headed towards in my old job in TV Ad Sales. So far I like the new boss. I want to learn as much as I can, beyond the call of my job. I feel it would be practical to learn to do a bit of the 'traditional' production stuff as well as refining my editing skills. And brushing up on my grammar. I wonder if work might be willing to pay for a class, some sort of AP style boot camp or something....?

New address- I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving the Ocean State for the shorter commute to work that I'll have in the Bay State. In many ways I feel like I've finally settled into life here in this small state. At long last I have a mechanic that I trust. A temple I like. I'm finally able to give lost tourists directions like a real Rhode Islander ("...you go 6 blocks, past where John's Restuarant used to be, then turn...") and can navigate the parking garage at Providence Place Mall without getting lost. Moving is scary. (And I don't just mean the packing). I'll need to learn where to get the best NY-style bagels, shortcuts to take during rush hour traffic, etc... And make new friends (I have a few up in the new metro area, but not many of them seem like they really care to help me settle in...which annoys me because I would totally do that for them if they moved here). I've got to learn the ins and outs and patterns of a whole new neighborhood- how safe certain areas are at 3AM, the best shortcuts, where to find the best parking spots- those kinds of things.


Tyler said...

Transitions are hard but also opportunity for growth and change.

Plantation said...

L'Shana Tovah!