Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Musings: 4 AM

Hurtling through the darkness to work at 4 AM I pondered the following.....

  • do truckers still use CBs?
  • there were far more cars than I imagined. I thought it would just be me and the truckers. What kinds of jobs do all these other drivers have requiring them to be at work so early?
  • a local college radio station plays some good jazz and blues (versus their usual alternative format)
  • this is gonna suck in the winter
  • there's a lot of roadwork going on at night
  • not many commercials on the radio
  • the long drive sort of wakes me up, then my brain can sort be function by the time I get to work
  • I hope I'm awake enough. I could not fall asleep last night, since it was only 9 PM when I tried, and thus ended up basically taking a glorified nap.

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