Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gambling Away A Saturday

Not really, nless you count the $7 I lost in the slot machines.

Blogger lost my original post about my day at the native American casinos in CT. So here are a few thoughts while I try to recover my originals. Pictures to come soon as well.


  • tackiest place I've seen outside of Disneyworld
  • lack of ambiance
  • seemingly random set up, afterthought, no forethought to construction, hodgepodge
  • neat sculptures exist in random places, mainly hotel lobbies
  • ergonomics toilet seats, very comfy
  • lost $7 in slot machines
  • bad music playing loud over 'casino noises'
  • didn't make it to museum, sad about that
  • Hard Rock Cafe- bad waitress, decent food, good music
  • Rainmaker statue is something you'd find at a chain restaurant like the Rainforest Cafe, kind of cheesy up close

Mohegan Sun:

  • way more organization, forethought in design
  • more ambiance, good lighting
  • a little tacky, but architects took tribal traditions into account with the design, which is cool and meaningful- Taughannick Falls, Woombi Rock, Wolf's Den, the round casinos- but can also be confusing- on Christmas Day (where else is open for Jews to go to?) I spent 30 minutes looking for my friend at a gaming table
  • better shops
  • Uncas American Indian Grill- yum (interesting to note- they refer to themselves here as American Indians, not First Peoples, Native Americans, or First Nations)
  • I love the Dale Chihuly sculpture in front of Taughannick Falls

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