Wednesday, August 10, 2005

# 5

A Job Offer has been extended to me! (And yes, I know that my potential new boss might be reading this...). I'd be the weekend PM Web Producer at a TV station in the Boston area. And the (early) AM New Ticker 3 days a week. Crazy hours, but then again it is television news, where a 9-5 day is a rare occurrence (unless you work in the sales department..which I have no desire to do ever again).

The station is located in one of the most attractive office parks that I've ever seen.


-Ann said...

WHooooooo! Are you going to take it? Can you commute to Boston or would you have to move there?

Potential New Boss said...

Your potential new boss thinks you should take the job.

Bill T said...

So who gets stuck with, I mean, does the news ticker the other two days of the week? The weekend AM web producer?