Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pod people

This place is a lot looser than my last station. When you're owned by a giant lightbulb company, as the last one was, things tend to be more codified and less is left to chance (that's their intent anyway...). I'm not sure what to make of my new company as a company just yet. I did learn today that there is also a tradition of ice cream on Fridays in the summer. I wonder what the holiday parties are like?

I have now become a pod person. Worse, I have to share a work area (all very nice people that I share with, but nothing beats your own space to spread your stuff out on). I miss my desk and the modicum of privacy that my cubicle afforded me.


Steve Safran said...

Agreed about the desk space. It blows that we don't have our own desks/pods/some such. But you're in luck in one sense - I may be getting some space in a different part of the building, which means I will be significantly further away from you.

Allyssa took a moment to remind me her brother-in-law is a workplace... something... attorney. Harassment Suits, that kind of thing.

I'm dead.

Mean Ol' Bossman Steve

Lyss said...

Cousin, actually.

It's not that i wish you gone, your fairly entertaining. I just miss having drawers.