Thursday, August 11, 2005

This is not a jungle gym

Since this is a work-related blog I thought I'd regale my dear readers with some tales that I collected while working at a large pharmacy chain (when I was paying my post-college retail dues). I mainly worked in the photo and general front of the store. Sometimes the pharmacy would borrow me if they were swamped (not to dispense meds...Only to work the register).

Some thoughts:

  • The candy rack is not a jungle gym for your children.
  • Please don't involve me in your romantic/family squabble- "She (referring to me) said I'm right!"
  • I don't want to be heartless but I don't care what medical test you are coming form or going to. It's simply not my business.
  • Please don't pay for something with five dollars worth of change.
  • Don't look like you're going to actually hand me the money and then drop it millimeters from my hand....germ-phobic freak.
  • Don't hit on me and think you have a chance if you're old enough to be my dad...or grandfather. You're not as smooth as you might think that you are.
  • Pay attention to the sign on the counter. Chances are it says "register closed". Please pick another one without a sign in front of it.

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