Thursday, August 25, 2005

Potential Darwin Award winner

This RI resident has to be a potential Darwin Award winner. According to the Providence Journal:

The police are investigating whether someone deliberately poisoned a beer that an avid runner apparently found near Moonstone Beach.
The state Department of Health contacted the police Sunday night after being alerted to a possible poisoning victim being treated at South County Hospital, Sgt. Thomas A. Owens said.
Ivy Darigan, wife of Michael P. Darigan, told officers that her husband became violently ill Sunday evening immediately after taking a sip of a beer he had found a month earlier on a run near their summer home at Carpenter's Beach Meadow, according to police reports.

Ivy reported that her husband experienced burning in his throat and stomach and said "I think I drank some poison." The beer was one of two remaining in the six-pack he had found.

Who drinks a beer that they find on the beach (or on a bench or the mall parking lot)?...especially since friends and family describe this guy as a "health nut"?

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