Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Boss Blog- the experiment

I've always had a certain admiration for artists and the vulnerability that they are able to show. They put their works, therefore themselves, out there for all kind of public scrutiny. So do journalists- their job hazards go beyond dodging flying shrapnel in a war zone or the boredom that comes with covering a town meeting. They also include the possibility of screwing up on live TV and the fact that people have no problem calling the station to tell you that they think your haircut is bad or that your new suit makes you look bloated.
I tend to be the kind of person who shies away from letting myself be vulnerable in any sort of situation. My online life has evolved from the paranoia of my first days as a blogger (in the blog before this one). My writing, my thoughts, and my feelings were now fair game for anyone online who fancied themselves a critic. Now I'm venturing forth where not many people (if any at all) have gone- I'm now sharing a blog with my boss. If I screw up at work, the whole internet can read about it. I hope that he realizes that I am demonstrating incredible trust in him with this endeavor.
Was this the smartest move I've ever made? Who knows? I guess I'll find out.

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