Friday, September 16, 2005

In a timely fashion

I got a phone call this morning from a place that I had put in a job application at back in
June. June. That's a heck of a long time, especially considering that they told me back in June that they were hiring for July.
I got one last week as well from the place* that I had to do a phone interview with back in July. I also had an interview with this organization on August 2, the day before meeting with Steve about a potential job at the TV station. I wrote thank you emails but didn't hear back form them. Last week I got a call wanting to know if I could come back to meet with the executive director about the job. I called back and politely said I had taken another job since I'd met with them. The guy on the phone expressed disappointment and basically admitted that they knew they'd taken too long to get their act together. Oh well, their loss. Steve's gain.

*I'm not really sure that I wanted that job anyway. Especially because I have since heard some not totally positive things about working for that organization (not what they do, it's legit and a great cause, but office politics and such)

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-Ann said...

I had an interview back in April at a company that makes computer-based training. I had to travel 3+ hours round-trip to get there for an interview that lasted 20 minutes. (And 10 of those minutes were me asking them questions.) They said I would hear back from them within a week. I emailed a thank-you note.

Guess what? It's September now and I still haven't heard from them. I don't care if it's disorganisation or not wanting to pass on bad news, it is just plain rude. If a company can't act in a timely manner during the wooing/courting/interviewing process, I sure don't think they're going to be very good at employee relations either.