Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Workplace relations

I am adjusting to the new job. The people here seem nice, those that I've met anyway. Something funny about TV stations seems to be the amount of people who work there but don't know each other. The News people stay in the newsroom and Sales people stay in their area. Sometimes the Promotions people feel the need to venture into the newsroom. Sometimes. And Editors can always hide in the edit bays. As for Sports, they sort of exist in their own little world.
Another observation of mine as I venture into my third year working at a TV station is how incestuous this business can sometimes be. (Especially when you have two or three TV markets in such close proximity). I tend to shy away from dating co-workers. Or as my friend J says "you don't shit where you eat". I know of people who married co-workers and it has worked out wonderfully for them. In these cases it seems that one spouse eventually ends up working somewhere else for whatever reason.

I'm not going to say that some people aren't tempting.....but I'd hate to have things end badly and people get nasty and passive-aggressive, especially when you add the stress of the work environment. I'm not worried about me, I'm not passive-aggressive. If I have a problem I generally say something about it. But some people (men) just can't deal with a woman who can express herself. Call me a bitch if you want. It's a power word to me.

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