Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina media frenzy

Is it wrong of me to wish that the Hurricane Katrina media frenzy ends soon?
I'm all for using the media to help families locate each other and happy things like that, but just how many more pictures of broken levees do we need to see? After a certain point we become immune to the repeated shots of people stranded on highway bridges, wading through the floodwaters, and the like. After something huge and horrible (London bombings, tsunami, etc..) we spend the first few days glued to the TV and/or the internet. But then the shock of the imagery begins to fade. The video all begins to blur into a never-ending loop.
I will say that it is nice that the media can share so many stories on the outpouring of support domestically and from abroad.

Full disclosure- I work in the TV business, so I suppose that I am one of those perpetuating the fetish for disaster imagery, but only because I get paid to. ( I can be hypocritical. It's my blog).


Anonymous said...
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momyblogR said...

I fully agree! After days on end of being flooded with pictures and information people become numb. The impact is not the same and people loss interest, sadly.

Your job is your job, your opinion is another thing.

Steve Safran said...

I agree, this can all get very depressing. I had a similarly difficult time with 9/11. But it is important, as a journalist, you keep this in mind -- there is a saying among doctors: "We didn't make them sick." Doctors try to make sick people better. Good journalists try to tell the world what's happening. We didn't make the disaster - but hopefully your work will help those affected by it.