Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boston bound?

Can't sleep. Body clock all screwed up.

There are many reasons to move to Boston:
  • closer to work (which can make a difference when you need to be at work at 5AM)
  • internal clock and sleep schedule might be less screwed up if I lived closer to my job.
  • larger city, less claustrophobic than it can be here
  • price of gas is astronomical, I'm spending like three times more gas now with the commute. It took $40 to fill up my tank the other day. $40! And I have a Subaru
  • my car is old and slightly uncomfortable for long drives
  • who will shovel the driveway fro me at 3:30 AM in a blizzard so I can get to work? (not to sound prissy, but it is a lot of shoveling for one person to do)
  • to round out the snow in the driveway problem my street is one of the last ones in the area to get plowed, despite the fact that there is a school at the end of it. Things can get so political here, even over something like plowing

There are , of course, reasons not to move:
  • it's very safe to go out to my car at 4 AM
  • cost of living is lower here
  • not sure I can afford Boston (well, safe at 4 AM neighborhoods there)
  • parking issues galore in Boston, really tough to find decent housing with parking that is not way out of my price range and also near the T
  • I have a semblance of a life here- people I care about and who are about me
Now that I've gotten some of this off my chest perhaps I can sleep.

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-Ann said...

I hear you on the gas. It cost the equivalent of $75 to fill up our car yesterday. Gas here is a little over $6 a gallon.