Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day 5- Toronto & I-90

Sadly today is the last of my vacation to the great land that is Canada. I got a quick tour of Toronto this morning before driving home-historic Cabbagetown, Leaside, Chinatown, and the provincial government building. The University of Toronto has a beautiful campus with some fascinating buildings (the theme of the trip is architecture and design).
Montreal and Toronto both seem like such functional cities where people live, work, and play all without needing to leave the city. Good public transportation seems to be essential to their liveablitiy.

The ride home was long. We crossed back into the USA at Niagara Falls after checking out the offerings at the duty free shop. The trip along I-90 through central NY made me sort of nostalgic for college, as it was sad to be so close to Ithaca and not to be able to show off the true beauty of the Finger Lakes region (vs. what one sees on the Thruway). It was also sad to see the increasing damage to the Gulf Coast on the CNN-equipped TVs at every rest area.

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