Friday, September 02, 2005

Safe & sound

Spoke to E last night. She is in Tennessee for now, she does not know for how long. Her life is on hold. She and her roommate still have her rommate's 4-year-old nephew with the, as his mom and little brother were evacuated from the hospital they were at to another one north of the city. In a brilliant move by authorities the hospital in the town they evacuated to also had no electricity (well, OK, the town itself had none). Not to criticize rescue efforts, but isn't that somehow counterintuitive?
Her roommate's other sister is a nurse who was called into work at the hospital due to the storm. Her hospital was only able to secure one bus to evacuate their patients, who could not all fit on that one bus. Employees were forced to take other patients and the patients' family members in their own cars. As the sister drove out of New Orleans, her car stuffed with patients, family, etc..., people on the street began shooting at her. Apparently they wanted her car.

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Career Guy said...

That's just incomprehensible--getting shot at as you try to rescue people.

My Kathy is a nurse, and sorely wishes she could be there to help.