Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Flu prevention

Today we got flu shots at work. Very nice of employer to provide these. Now I'll be well enough to come in to work in the winter to report on how many people have the flu this year.
The nurse who administered them was nice but her technique could sure use some work. I'm not afraid of needles, do OK with blood tests and the like but it really hurt when she jammed that needle into my arm like she was putting a thumbtack in a wall.

Later in the evening I was looking in the mirror and noticed a small red bump under the band-aid the evil nurse had applied. It was the spot where she had jabbed me. She didn't even put the band-aid on the right area!

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-Ann said...

At my first real job, we got flu shots at work, which was nice. I had the flu once and it's not an experience I am anxious to repeat. (Funny enough, I think the year I got the flu, I hadn't had the flu shot because I was sick the day they administered it.)

My mom's given me my flu shot the last couple of years - not last year, because of the shortage. I don't know what I'm going to do - try to get immunized over here or get one if/when I go home at Christmas.