Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cold turkey

Change can be sudden, a cold-turkey alteration of behavior, or slow and steady, like time-lapse photography. I can change my name or my hair color or my ZIP code any change is risky, and frightening because people may not approve. But in my High Holy Day recommitment to improved behavior in the coming year, I'm also committing to the concept of change where helpful and necessary, even if it's scary not knowing who I'm becoming.

Esther puts it very well...the anxiety and fear excitementment that I've been feelings for the past few months. With this new job my life has taken a turn towards change. It is scary not knowing what will happen when I move and move away from those whom I have grown fond of. It is all geared towaimprovementment and becoming an adult. It is necessarysary so that I can become the person that I am supposed to be.

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Tyler said...

Who is the person that you are supposed to be?