Monday, October 17, 2005

Workplace woes

Happy and healthy workers are more productive.

Things that could greatly improve the workplace experience for many of us here at the station:
  • Tell the shipping company across the street to move their damn tractor-trailers off the road. The roads through our office park are ridiculously small and for some reason, though this is an office park, people park on one side of the street. Park a semi on the other side and you've got a passage about the size of a Mini Cooper.
  • Have free 'feminine care' products available in the bathrooms (and not those scary ones you get from a vending machine in a gas station bathroom). We do not go to the ladies room with a quarter in hand anticipating that surprise visit from Aunt Flo. Female guests appreciate this touch as well.
  • We have a water purifier in the kitchen. The hot water tap on it does not work. What is the point of paying that company for their product when it fails to do 50% of what it is expected to?
  • I cannot say it enough- ergonomics! A pain-free employee is a more productive one (because I am not constantly shifting position to relieve the back, neck, and shoulder strain caused by my crappy chair and keyboard that I pound away on hurting my wrists).
  • Tell certain departments not to hog all the tickets and entry to events. The perk of working in TV (for little pay) is supposed to be the access to Bruins games.


Bill T said...

Oh, Lyss.... HONEY.

-- Nothing is ever fixed until it absolutely is required for television to get on the air. (Or management notices one of these days and, having power and money, takes the initiative.)

-- Did you have free feminine care products available in the bathrooms at your last position? I'm sorry I am not in the habit of passing through that sort of area or need so I have nothing further to offer on this matter.

-- He who sniffs and digs first gets the truffles. Who gets the goodies? The HR department? The GM's office? Find out.

Sorry I sound so uppity and condescending... I guess I have more experience complaining about things going wrong in the news department.

Lyss said...

I know which department it is that has them, but since people at work know I blog I am declining to name names.