Saturday, October 22, 2005

Do they make turkey for one?

Alone in a new city on a holiday. Just the kind of fun I was hoping for.

I am working the day after Thanksgiving, which means that I can't go home to New York for the holiday. I understand that working in TV means working lots of holidays. It just sucks when you're the only one left in town, but not working the actual holiday itself. If I were working on Thanksgiving Day might at least get to be with the other people a work who are also unlucky enough to be there on that day.

I know that there's not much to the day aside from the symbolism- pilgrims, turkeys, football. Not to sound like a greeting card, but I have always liked the secular aspect of the holiday- that it is for all Americans to celebrate, regardless of race, creed, color, or sexuality. I missed family Thanksgiving two years ago because I had to pick up someone from the airport and would have never made it back to RI by Friday morning. But that was OK after all and I was invited to the home of my friend's mother. She is an amazing cook and it was the least stressful Turkey Day ever not having to deal with my family. I don't think that many of my friends will be in town (either Boston or Providence) since this is a day that tends to draw people back to the nest* This year is looking iffy (and kind of lonely), especially since most of my furniture will probably be up in Boston by then, leaving me in some sort of awkward in-between state of being.

*unintentional bird pun

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-Ann said...

I've spent a couple of Christmases alone and it's not a fun thing. One year, I went to the animal shelter where I was a regular volunteer and that was high satisfying. With all the soup kitchens and what not, I'm sure you could find a good place to volunteer on Thanksgiving. It's something to consider.