Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lesbians plot world domination

A scary sermon sent to me by a friend. It's about how lesbians are plotting to take over the world, since lesbianism is what happens when women make too much money and say that they don't need men.


I think he misinterprets that phrase "I can make it by myself".

The reverend knows what a strap-on is....and mentions it in a sermon. 'Strap-on' and 'church sermon' are two things that should never go together. Ever.

Lesbians don't necessarily use strap-ons.

Why does he think it only goes in "the behind"? Women have two holes, in case he hasn't noticed.

The reverend must have a very small.....ummm....sense of self esteem since he obviously feels threatened by smart, powerful, financially secure women. (So families should starve because he feels it's not right for a women to make more money than her husband?)

Random note- he's right about the origin of the Hebrew word 'neged' (it means 'against').

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