Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nice Jewish Girls

Last night I went to see a performance extravaganza put on by Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad. A good Shabbos was had by all (except for the one audience member who got thrown out for being drunk and heckling the performers). The Goddess handled the heckling ins stride. Her comedy and songs made for a wonderful interactive showcase of some of the best in Jewess stage talent. It surprised me that the audience skewed a bit older than I imagined for this kind of show. They looked more apt to see Fiddler than a show that featured a Hasidic striptease. The great cast was rounded out by some comedy, music, and hip-hop poetry.

I laughed so hard that I almost hyperventillated at the comedy of Ophira Eisenberg. Ophira is a beautiful name, but many people mess it up by doing things like calling her Oprah. She told this great story of recently meeting a guy at a loud bar and her asked her name.
"What's your name?"
"What? Your name is the fuhrer?"

The spoken word stylings of Vanessa Hidary were quite open, honest, and relevant to what it's like to be a contemporary Jewess. Michele Citrin and her guitar reminded me a cute, Jewish, and funnier Ani DiFranco. If this show comes to your area I highly recommend seeing it, Jew or goy.

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