Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Working out?

I sometimes feel a disconnect form the city that I live in. Because so much of my day occurs elsewhere, I wonder if I am missing out on things that go on here post-work. No Happy Hour with my co-workers, not that there are any bars near where I work that cater to much more than a townie crowd. But it's about more than just alcoholic bitch sessions with colleagues.

I wonder what life might be like, being able to take advantage of more of what this city has to offer. There are networking events I can't attend, because I'll never make it there in time, and ask myself if the lack of opportunities to connect with people will hurt my career in the future.

I guess it comes down to wondering if the grass is really greener on the other side of the commute. With what I'm paying for gas every month, dealing with the silly Charlie ticket machine on a daily basis starts looking attractive. I've heard that there are even some employers in and around the city who pay for employees' parking and commuting costs (though this may just be an urban myth).

I am also having some reservations about the behavior I see in my workplace, which I cannot elaborate on in this blog*.

*I agreed not to blog about work at my latest job
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Rhea said...

I see that you don't want to blog about your job. I don't either. But I always think how cool it would be to get "Dooced."

Aaron Weber said...

My last job paid for a T pass or a parking space for employees. And honestly, even now that my current job doesn't, I love living near the train (Davis Sq., Somerville).

For quite some time I didn't have a car at all (now my SO does)-- a lot of my friends are carless and use Zipcar when they really need to schlep something around or have to run out to somewhere out of town.

Plantation said...

I have no fear which is probably why I'll get Dooced someday