Monday, August 07, 2006

OM the restaurant...

... not the mantra.

"Mixologist" is an apt term for the creator of such luscious libations. The drinks lived up to my expectations. My friends and I all enjoyed our drinks very much. I can highly recommend the Zen Te, the Hotel Costes, and the Power Smoothie (I think that's what it was called).
The only things that gave us pause at all were the amount of Eurotrash (which we understand the staff has no control over) and this weird guy banging on bongo drums. He would not have been so annoying if there had not been trancy lounge music playing very loud. But it became Drum Guy vs. the Lounge Soundtrack. This was a buzzkill. The management could've done something, like asked him to stop or shut off their music. I mentioned it to one bartender and she said "yeah, he's a bit much. I'll mention it to the manager" and wandered off, clearly pleased that a customer had complained, thus validating her annoyance.

The color changing lights in back of the bar made for an interesting atmosphere, as did the water wall at the entrance. Even the bathroom had cool stuff in it.

[update 8/7/06]

I got to try the food here over the weekend and I can't stop thinking about it.

I crave the duck, the deconstructed Cesaer, and the chef's well-known take on steak and eggs. Everything was fresh and tasty, which is expected at a place like this. What was not expected was how much I liked everything, even things I normally wouldn't (ex: a sauce featuring pepper- I usually view pepper as the most overused spice in American cooking).

The server was a dream, attentive, but not hovering. I do sort of wish that he'd given us instructions on how to eat certain things, as I felt a bit mystified by the deconstructed Cesaer. (Though he did point out that I was supposed to cut the egg that rested atop my fillet, to let the yolk and flavor drain down over the meat- scrumptious!).

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