Monday, August 14, 2006

Party on!

Saturday night I just had to get through not one, but two roadblocks to get home. First, there were the two cops on motorcycles I spoke with who seemed to be in charge of blocking access to some 'local roads on the rotary at the entrance to Franklin Park. Then I had to show ID to a cop who was all business at a second roadblock on Forest Hills St. I'm guessing that there was some sort of festival or event at Franklin Park that caused the police to shut down access to some area streets.
Funny, because when I left the house around 1:30pm, there was nothing unusual or out of place about the neighborhood.

When I told my boss this story on Monday and got to the part about the police officer who asked for my ID to prove that I lived in the neighborhood, she started laughing and said "You drive a Volvo! How dangerous did he think you were?"

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