Monday, August 14, 2006

"Brotherhood" blogging

Unlike the last one, which, though enjoyable, was mainly filmed in Hollywood.

Having lived in the Ocean State for five years, I feel it's my duty to blog about the new Showtime series, Brotherhood, and comment on minutiae that might only matter to other Rhode Island residents (or former residents). I'll keep updating this list.

- I have never seen that many ugly, loud shirts in my past city of residence. If I did see any, they tended to be on the Eurotrash students from the local universities.

-I've never seen anyone get beaten up in the street in the middle of the day as a result of a dispute about a parking job. Especially on the gentrified Westminster Street. (But there are many people who do not know how to park in Providence).

-Yes, real politics in Little Rhody can also be as convoluted as they are on this show. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.Link

-Pretty thorough researchers. They've even got stuff about the controversial LNG facilities that were planned for the area.

I'm on episode #3, a bit behind since the hard drive on our evil Comcast DVR made some horrible crunching noises a few weeks ago and broke, eating everything we'd saved on it in the process. (Thank goodness for OnDemand).

-They are using real names of place in RI-- ACI, Rhodes on the Pawtuxet (from episode 1)

-They use real TV vans, not sure about reporters and the like. One interesting reference is made to a van from Channel 11-Fox Providence (WNAC), then alludes to the fact that Channels 6, 10 and 12 haven't arrived yet. Which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that Channels 11 & 12 are run out of the same newsroom.

-The houses that in this episode are passing for the rich East Side are actually in an area of Pawtucket called Oak Hill (I'm sure of this, since I drove past them not long ago on a visit to friends in the Ocean State. You couldn't miss all the large yellow "CREW" signs).

-I just heard my new favorite expression of exasperation, spoken by Rose Caffee-- "oh! my aching Jesus!"

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