Friday, August 18, 2006

Children trying to kill children

This is disgusting. What is wrong with some people? I'd be just as
sickened if the kids (yes, these are basically children stabbing each
other) involved lived in Greenwich or Newton.

From the BPDNews blog:

Daily Incidents for August 17, 2006

Witnesses Cheer on Suspects as they Stab Teen

"… On arrival officers discovered that a 13-year-old female from
Dorchester had been stabbed in the abdomen at that location. The
victim was transported to the Boston Medical Center where she was
treated for non-life threatening injuries. According to witnesses on
scene, two teenage females were responsible for the assault. Witnesses
further stated that four teenage black males were present at the scene
and were encouraging and cheering on the suspects during the stabbing.
No arrests have been made and District 11 detectives are currently
investigating this incident."

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Rhea said...

I hated hearing this, too. It drives me nuts. It's got to stop.