Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slow Elderly Housing Ahead

My drive home from work tends to be pretty typical whether I take backroads or the higway- Massholes, random construction slowdowns on VFW Parkway, etc... But a few days ago my routine boredom was broken by more than just my iPod.

I was driving down High St. in Norwood on my way home from work, around 6pm, when I saw an elderly man walking down the street in striped flannel pajamas. He was on the sidewalk, not out in the road, but this still struck me as odd. A man out walking on a summer evening in his pajamas. This is not something you see every day (as least I don't).

Then I passed a sign that read Slow Elderly Housing Ahead, which makes it seem like the town thinks that the elderly are slow* (take this as you will). I had not noticed this before.

*As a copywriter I get easily annoyed when text is displayed in a way that distorts the original meaning of the wording.

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