Friday, August 25, 2006

Hip hold music

I'm hoping that my laptop will not self-destruct as I sit waiting for Apple tech support to get to my call. They have the most eclectic hold music I've ever encountered-- and it's not all bad or Muzak-like. There's been some Miles Davis, Breaking Benjamin, Macy Gray, Al Green (I think), Hilary Duff (teeny pop, but not terribly offensive to my ears) and a variety of (decent) artists that I can't identify. IDing bands is not a particular talent of mine, but if I had to toss out some names I'd say Julianna Hatfield, Think a lot of angsty sounding alt-folk-fantasy-rock-grunge with a dash of soul thrown in for good measure.

Being that Apple spends a lot of time trying to brand itself as hip and youthful it seems fitting ordinary Muzak would not suffice for the hold music on their tech support hotline. provides call center jobs throughout the US.

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