Wednesday, April 19, 2006

RMV Rant

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, my birth
certificate is not a good enough form of ID (combined with my old RI
license) to grant me a driver's license in this state. My paycheck and an
official letter from the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue, clearly states that
I am a MA resident (it has the word 'resident' on it several times)- both of
which list my Boston address- were not considered 'proper' proof of
residency. I mean, how much more official can you get than the tax people?

There are a few problems with the items they ask for to show proof of

  • utility bill- we don't pay any, they're included in the rent
  • mortgage- I rent
  • lease- the lease in a drawer in the apartment doesn't have our names on it
    (not sure what's up with that)
  • cable bill- roomie works for the cable company, so that bill is in his name
  • phone bill- I only have a cell phone bill (home phone is Vonage, paid on
    credit card, therefore no bill comes home)
  • bank statement- I think I can swing this one

They do get points for processing my paperwork, so all I have to do is show
up with the "proper" ID, and the woman took a decent picture of me.


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