Monday, April 17, 2006

Boobies gone wild

I'm not sure how showing one's boobies during a hockey celebration can be considered a political statement.....

"Women did talk about how they wanted to do something for the Flames and this was something they could do."

And, for many, part of the fun was flouting societal norms.

"The word daredevilish kept coming up. This was something they could do that was just somewhat off the edge," Prof. Valentich said.

Other women said they felt like models or celebrities as cameras flashed at the sight of their exposed breasts.

Indeed, photos of those who took part soon appeared on the Internet.

Some participants felt they were part of history. "One of them said maybe it's insignificant, but when the kids look in the school books, I'll be there," Prof. Valentich said with a laugh.

Just one participant said she was making a political statement.

(article found via Fleshbot)

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