Friday, April 14, 2006

Jewish geography gets married

Thanks to this website, I can attempt to keep tabs on the few people I actually cared about in high school. It's weird finding out through the Manischewitz-flavored grapevine that your best friend from high school has gotten married. Out of my three close female friends, all three are married now and I'm the only one not sporting a diamond on my left hand.

I'm not sure that I feel bad about it, just kind of odd. I don't feel compelled to get married because "everyone else is doing it" (nor do I plan to jump off any bridges for that reason). I suppose that, if anything, this news makes me feel older (that, plus my birthday yesterday).

All of this (plus my boredom being at mom's house with not much to do) combines to make me wonder what stage I'm at in life... How much of a grown-up am I?... Will I ever feel like a grown-up?

I'm ambivalent about marriage. My own parents divorced when I was little, so I don't feel that you need a husband + wife + kid(s) + pet to have a functioning family. What do I desire for my future?


-Ann said...

Happy birthday!

Plantation said...

My sentiments, too. Happy Birthday :-)